Buckingham Palace: Queen Elizabeth II hospitalized

According to Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II has been inspected for Covid-19.

Queen England has mild flu-like symptoms, but Windsor is expected to continue her light work throughout the week.
Buckingham Palace confirmed in a statement: “After a few days of a resting with medical advice, I was visiting the hospital for the first checkup on Wednesday afternoon and returned to Windsor Castle for lunch today to be well. “. 10/22).

“He want to continue to receive medical care and follow appropriate instructions,” Buckingham Palace confirmed in a statement.

The 95-year-old is in contact with Prince Charles, eldest son and successor to the throne, who also tested positive for Covid last week.

In Windsor Castle, where the Queen lives, many people have tested positive for Covid.
Media reported that the queen was hospitalized for “practical reasons” but did not mention the tests she was undergoing.

Camilla, wife of Prince Charles, also tested positive for the Covid virus a few days after her husband’s test results were announced.

Queen Elizabeth is believed to have received her first vaccination in January 2021 and then the next.

Last Tuesday, the Queen attended the first formal meeting since her contact with Prince Charles and held a virtual meeting with two new ambassadors to the United Kingdom.
The queen was due to attend an event in the border town of Amag on Thursday to commemorate Northern Ireland’s 100th birthday, but she took the doctor’s advice to rest for the next few days.

The next day, the queen complained of leg problems at a meeting with the defense team. He stood up with a cane and pointed to his left foot, saying, “Yes, I see, I can’t move.”

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