How to Be a Creative Entrepreneur

Small business owners are expected to be creative and innovative. If not, how can you manage your own company? If you’re under the delusion that creativity isn’t one of your strengths, what can you do to inspire and get started?

When the Queen says, “I have six incredible things to think about before breakfast,” Alice in Wonderland has the perfect suggestion. I think you will agree that this should be the highest creativity! As a small business owner, this is the perfect choice you should be aiming for… but how do you open your mind and reach a place full of ideas?


Many are “limited thinkers.” They put their world right in the box and nothing else. If the press reports something, he must be right. If Joe next door says something impossible, he must be right. As a small business owner, you cannot afford to be a “limited thinker.” You must be an “unlimited thinker”. Get used to having no boundaries. It is established that there are no taboos. With a little focus, make sure you can find innovative solutions to all your problems. This is the basis of the creative thinking process.

 Focus on the future

When you “see” the future, creative ideas are always born. The feeling of moving forward and that the problem is going away is a huge motivation. Do you think you can get the same results by focusing on your back? I don’t think! Train yourself to always look to the future and focus on the future and not on traditional thinkers trying to find answers in today’s world.

Become a writer

Open your mind to the joy of creativity and your ideas will start flowing as soon as someone opens it! Like a flood, if you don’t catch it, you will lose the idea forever. Take a small pocket notebook with you to write down all your thoughts. Write down your idea as soon as you produce it. Oddly enough, you can see it later in the cold sunlight.

The fact that you notice ideas and respond to them encourages you to be more creative – good deeds encourage more good deeds!

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If you have a mess, get rid of this habit! Clutter in the office can confuse you. You can’t expect your brain to work efficiently just by constantly reminding yourself how cluttered your desk is. Get rid of all the clutter in your life and free your mind for creativity.

Behavior Oriented

That’s all well and good, but if you’re not taking action on your thoughts, you probably have nothing to worry about. An idea is nothing but an idea unless you take certain actions to help you realize it. Check your notebook regularly to see if there are any hidden gems or ideas you can implement quickly. Most of your ideas may not fit at all, but maybe there are ideas somewhere that can change you or your business if you work on them. Do your best to move forward with as many ideas as possible.

Don’t be afraid to break the border wall. As John Stuart Mill said, “What seems like an absurd height in one generation often becomes the pinnacle of wisdom in the next.”

End with one question – can you be creative enough not to be a dreamer? no Then practice!


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