Tips To Create Eye-Catching Intro Videos

Creating a top-class intro video is imperative for two reasons:

Reason No. 1: A high-quality intro video scales up the content quality and draws organic traffic to your channel. 

Reason No. 2: A creative intro video (with animation and music) stimulates the viewer to watch the full video. 

You are at the right place if you are looking for the best practical tips to create a super-attractive intro video conveniently. Grab a cozy seat and move ahead to know why you need intro videos and tips to create super-popular intro videos. 

What is an Intro Video, and Why Does It Matter?

Intro video refers to a short clip that comes before the main video content. It motivates the viewers to take a deeper look into the video and explore it. 

Intro videos usually come after a viewer checks the video title and hit the play button. Some video creators offer a snapshot of the full video in the intro. 

For example, video bloggers often put the best travel pictures or clippings in the intro and cover them elaborately in the main video. The catchy images or clippings arouse the viewers’ interest to go further. 

In a world governed by videos, it is crucial to make the audience stay. A well-designed intro video can help you achieve this easily. 

Salma Jafri, a popular content strategist, uses the first thirty (30) seconds at the start where she explains what the audience can expect in the video. 

Now that you know why you need intro videos, head to the following sections to discover some incredible tips to create eye-catchy videos. 

The Top Tips to Create Eye-Catchy Intro Videos

Here are the tips expert video creators follow to make intro videos:

Use a Professional Video Editing tool

A professional video editing tool can often make the difference between a high-quality and a shoddy intro video. 

Free intro video creation websites like InVideo can provide you with the right thrust. InVideo lets you Make Intro videos to grab the viewers’ eyeballs instantly. 

Creating the best-quality video is as easy as 1-2-3. Select the aspect ratio (16:9, 1:1, or 9:16) and pick a template to begin the exhilarating journey. To make your video stand out, you can add images, music, colors, text box, overlays, stickers, masks, and whatnot.   

Once you have created a catchy video, preview it and publish it on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp, LinkedIn, etc., to satisfy the cravings of content-hungry netizens. 

Choose The Duration Wisely

A quick scan of the best intro videos on YouTube shows that the audience likes videos between ten (10) and thirty (30) seconds long. However, thirty seconds is mostly for the high performers. It is better to keep the intro length at less than twenty (20) seconds if you are starting. 

The best approach would be to start with shorter intro videos and gradually increase the length based on audience reaction. This strategy will give you enough room to improvise and improve your intro video. 

Say Bye to Fluff and Hi to Relevant Content

An intro video is the worst place to include fluff. Ensure your sentences are crisp and to the point. Exclude any redundancy or cliche from the script to save time. 

Similarly, the pictures or clippings you assimilate to create the intro video must be the best. Analyze your video from the lens of your target audience. Factor in the distractions they will encounter while watching your intro video and design the content accordingly. 

If you cannot resist the temptation to sensitize the viewer about your video, do it like Pat Flynn, the online marketing wizard. 

Pat does exactly what we have advised you not to do (tell about yourself and your video too much) and still draws a crowd. How? He does it all before the video ticker hits the 8-second mark. 

So, analyze the nature of the target audience and design the content properly to catch the audience’s attention like a pro.

Create a Strong Brand Identity, With or Without Sound

Which color comes to your mind on hearing the name Domino’s? Red and blue, of course. That’s what brand identity is all about. When customers associate a color or a symbol with your brand, your task is sorted. 

It is wise to create an intro video that conveys the message even when the viewer is unwilling to hear the sound. Try to keep some uniformity in all videos your upload until you arrive at a point when nothing matters – your viewers keep coming back.  

Brand identity is what all video creators vie for. Keeping your brand identity intact will save you from the trouble of introducing your viewers to the brand every time you upload a video. 

Select Music That Matches Your Brand Identity 

Music adds charm to your video. Sometimes, an audio tune can achieve what words cannot. But, the music must be royalty-free and apt. 

While free video creation websites like InVideo offer royalty-free music on the platform, you can also find such music from other websites. But, before choosing the music, ensure that the music matches your brand tonality. 

For example, if you watch the intro video of a classy watch brand catering to premium business customers, you will find soothing music. In contrast, a watch brand that associates itself with adventure sports enthusiasts often uses fast-paced, groovy music. 

Hence, music selection is often trickier than it seems on the surface. But, high-quality music can add stars to the video. 

Seek Feedback After Preparing the Draft

The best people usually consider the first intro video as a draft. They seek advice from well-meaning friends, colleagues, and relatives to get honest, real-time feedback. 

Getting your intro video rechecked can save you from the hassles of getting uncouth messages on social media platforms. Remember, social media users come from various backgrounds, and they often get down to unimaginable levels. And too many negative comments on your video can push legitimate viewers into oblivion. 

An intro video is the best place to showcase what the main video contains. You can find and connect the loose ends and launch your campaign with a bang by getting feedback before publishing. 

Welcome Viewers With An Intro Video and Grow Your Brand

An intro video is an incredible way to create a good first impression. Hook your audience with the intro and be assured of getting them in the main part. 

InVideo can be your perfect partner for creating visually appealing intro videos. Check out the templates for getting some idea. 

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